Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have spent the last few months finding and reviewing blogs. I am amazed at the shear number, type, topics, personalities, and style of Blogs and their authors. Making mental notes of what I like and don’t like to read on someone else’s blog. What I mean is tone, style, and topic presentation. The diversity of people and opinions is always a delight to me and what a great way to share information both correct and incorrect.

I am not a professional writer and so I have to admit to being a bit intimidated about what I could possibly have to offer. What I have to say would someone find helpful to read?? Perhaps or perhaps not. I will however attempt to offer something of value so no excuses now. I will Blog.

  1. I love Blogs.
  2. Blogs were and are extremely useful when starting a new project or learning something new like organic gardening or keeping chickens.
  3. I plan on offering information that was easy for me to find on other Blogs, from my point of view of course, and some information that I had to learn on my own.
  4. This Blog won't be limited to one topic but will most often be about living sustainably, reusing what we have and find, animals, urban gardening,family, thoughts about life, and things that are funny and enjoyable.
That being said... I reserve the right for change topic at any time the whim takes me. Talk at you soon!

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