Saturday, July 31, 2010

Even though we pride ourselves not keeping stuff that is, well, not worth keeping, sometimes... ok... quite often we accept free things that have no immediate purpose.

That is where this fencing comes in.

In my head I had pictured this fencing as flower boxes or a small shed (that one actually happened!) But instead it sat behind the garage for years, years! And then i needed plant markers for the herb garden. I wanted something rustic (and free!) As I gazed out my kitchen window at my garden, it came to me! And here they are...

So so easy. Had my husband cut the top 8 inches off the fence ( I know, cheating, but I am terrified of saws... and dinosaurs... and big trucks...) Grab some left over paint from the basement and find a child's watercolor brush. Then in the most imperfect way paint the herb names.

Watch your spelling, or have some extra fence just in case!

1 comment:

  1. Super creative and functional as always sister! I love it. Now my jungle needs some markers ... oh Gary .... :)